Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book of the Day

I took a walk on the Western side last week, reading Larry Sweazy's The Rattlesnake Season. I have to say I love westerns and though this isn't a historical romance (like usually read), it still had all the things that make westerns so fun. Outlaws. Gunfights. Cowboys. Texas Rangers. The main character, Josiah Wolfe, is a Texas Ranger I'd want on my side of a showdown. He's the strong, silent type, a widower raising a two year old son, and has some enemies. There's a bit of mystery, some double-crossing, and a hint of romance. I can't say I'm thrilled with the set-up of the love triangle, but I'm curious to see where it's going in the next Josiah novel The Scorpion Trail.

A teaser from the book:

"The gray dawn was just another bad memory, the quiet night before suspect, and accordingly, every action and word would be pored over, tossed and turned, in search of apparent failures, answers about what had occurred from shortly before the shooting began in the camp."

For more info, check Larry's website.


  1. The book sounds great, Heather! (Love the horse on the cover...so beautiful!)

    I've recently fallen in love with the old show Bonanza and find myself drawn towards western books as well. The last several months I've picked up the Harlequin Historical western...I wish they released more than just one a month.

  2. Melissa, have you read Courting Miss Hattie by Pamela Morsi? Might be my all-time favorite western romance, though Jodi Thomas's books rank up there, too.

  3. I haven't read Courting Miss Hattie...I'll look it up! And Jodi Thomas' latest is in my TBR pile...

  4. I've never been one to read many westerns, but I love to watch them. I just received a copy of Randy Denmon's "The Savage Breed" to review. I'm looking forward to. Now I'll have to add another western to my list because this one has peaked my interest. The Appalossa on the cover is beautiful.

  5. I'm just the opposite, Mason. I don't watch westerns, but I read a fair share of them. Are there any western movies you'd recommend?

  6. I love the old westerns, especially with John Wayne (of course). But the newer ones would have to be with Robert Duvall (Lonesome Dove and the one with Kevin Costner that I can't seem to remember the name of). I also love Quigley Down Under (Tom Selleck) and Last of the Dogmen (Tom Berenger).