Monday, January 18, 2010

The office cleaning isn’t going so well. How did I acquire so much stuff? I surely don’t need it all, but it’s just so darn hard to part with.

I’m not also in the homestretch of Truly, Madly promotions. I have bookmarks, postcards, Valentine swag all over the place. I don’t have anywhere to store these sorts of things, which means I need to find a place, which means that whatever was living in that place needs a new home. It’s a vicious circle.

I did, however, finally shred all the household receipts from 2006 and 2007. Don’t ask why I still had them. I don’t even know. I suspect I need therapy. This year I’m determined—determined I tell you—not to keep receipts I don’t need. This also holds true for emails I don’t need. Over the weekend I finally cleaned out my inboxes. Each (I have three main ones, five all together) and got them under 20 emails each. It was painful to delete, and I had to be ruthless with my inner packrat, who wasn’t happy at all.

The good thing about the email cleanout was that I realized a form on my website wasn’t working. So, if you’ve sent me your snail mail address over the last couple of months, via the form on my website, please resend it to me. If you don’t get a confirmation that it went through, just send it to If you do, I promise you’ll get something in the mail from me—if I can find anything after the cleaning is through.

Anyone have a maid I can borrow--just for a day?



  1. Good morning and good luck from one packrat to another. I am one of the worst about keeping things. If I throw something away, next week I'll next it.

    By the way, I'd like to give you an open invitation to guest blog about Truly, Madly at my blog any time. I have a schedule on the right side showing open dates. Drop by and check it out. Love to have you there.

    Good luck on that cleaning.

  2. Make your kids clean it. That the only upside to children: manual labor.

  3. Take small steps in cleaning and before you know it, you've clean your entire office.

  4. definitely baby steps. buy some storage containers and label them. so even if you have to put them on the floor, it looks organized.

    email- I make folders for them and file them away in folders in my gmail account. so I don't trash them unless its junk. that helps my inner packrat.

  5. I need to clean out my e-mails too. I like the idea of keeping some of them in folders though (from Katie). Hmmmm....something to work on. We actually have Rain/Wind/Thunder in the forecast today! I'm very excited, and I hope the weather people are correct and we aren't disappointed. Anyway, it's a good day here to clean stuff out...I'll start with the e-mail.

  6. All great ideas--just need to put them into use. My desk is half-clean--that counts--and I have some new folders set up.

    Linda, if the storms mean spring is coming I'm all for them. 34* here today and I'm ready for WARM.