Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures of the Day

You may remember my post over at the Cozy Chicks about how my husband and I feed our local wild bunnies... Well, as winter hit, we decided we couldn't stop feeding the poor things now that they're counting on us for nutrition. So, we keep putting a carrot out at night, and our little bunny friend (we think it's only one now) keeps visiting. A lot, if you can't tell by the bunny prints. Having the snow has been fun--we can follow the bunny's path, see where he sat down, and hey, isn't he a messy eater?

I'm okay with all his visits as long as it isn't turning into something JB Stanley is dealing with. There's only so much bunny love, you know?

(Click to enlarge)

Above is the view from my back step, where we've been putting the carrots to keep them out of the snow.

And the view from the back door. He's quite a busy little bunny!


  1. That is so cool. Wow, I can see his footprint and where he sat.

    Have you seen the bunny?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Cute!! I love animal footprints!! :) My bunny will be 11 this year and we just found a large mass on her rear end. :( It's impeding her ability to use her one back leg, so she just lifts it up and goes! She's a fighter! Thanks for sharing such a cute pic!!

  3. Adorable pictures. Looks like he's ready to come in out of the cold. :)

  4. I love the bunny prints! And the carrot schrapnel... lol!

    And by the way, love the blog and the tag line at the top!

  5. Dru, we see him from time to time. He's usually hanging around the back door at night (he's no fool), and sometimes he's out front in the bushes. I just hope he stays out of the street.

    Hi C-F-B, I'm sorry to hear about the lump. Is it removable? I took our hamster to the vet (twice) because he was sick--let me tell you, giving antibiotics to a hamster is not easy--but it was hard to find a vet who took "exotic" animals. Like hamsters and bunnies are exotic. Sheesh.

    Mason, I keep wondering if he'd come inside! I'm guessing no, but it's fun to think about.

    LOL on the carrot schrapnel, Sharon! That's exactly what it looks like. I wish I could take credit for the tagline, but it came straight from St. Martin's. I love it, though! It's perfect.

  6. The photos of the little footprints are so cute. It reminds me how many years ago, my grandparents fed a fox that came to their house most nights. This was in Arizona, and when we would visit sometimes we would sit outside and the fox would actually come while we were there, take the food, and run off. You brought back good memories with this post.

  7. Linda, you made me smile. Thank you for sharing your story. I'd love a little fox to come around--as long as the bunny was far, far away!