Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bits and Pieces

*It was one of those mornings where I wanted to fling my alarm clock out the window. Annoying little thing, waking me up. I was so comfy cozy snuggled under the blankets. It didn't help that the kids have a late start today because of exams--which makes no sense but is very true. Happily, tomorrow is a teacher's inservice day and there's no school. Gotta love a four day weekend, even if it will be quite busy.

*Exams. Aren't you thrilled beyond belief that you don't have them anymore? (Well, except for Katie and Deb and anyone else going back to school--sorry). The kids have spent hours and hours this week studying. The pressure!

*American Idol. Okay, where's Ellen??? And I think Kara needs to settle down a bit--she's a tad, I don't know, in-your-face. And all three need to stop being so mean to the people who are truly bad and truly don't realize it. It breaks my heart to watch them be ripped to pieces and ridiculed. Fair game to the people who know they're bad and just want to get on TV.

*My son has been studying for the SATs which he'll take in a couple of weeks (talk about pressure) and I've been doing the SAT question of the day. I have to say if the test were all English-based questions I'd do VERY well. I haven't missed a question yet. However, if the test was math-based, I'd be in deep trouble because I haven't gotten a question right yet. Thank goodness my high school years are WAY behind me,

*Any plans for the coming weekend? Ours include a lot of high school band music, a trip to the BMV, and lots of cleaning--you'd be horrified at the state of my office. Horrified. I am scared to go in there--I've been writing in the living room. Yes, it's that bad. I need some caution tape...


  1. #2's godfather crushed the SATs. If he needs any advice, he knows where to go.

  2. I'm sure your son will do well on his SAT. Do they still give out the PSAT exams?

    The only thing on my schedule for this weekend is a manicure/pedicure once I make the appointment.

    Have a good Thursday.

  3. umm..weekend? what's that again? I'll be reading, typing up notes, maybe knitting if I get that all done. Oh and my Saturdays until the end of February will be spent at a psych hospital. nothing like getting up at 530am on a Saturday.

  4. They do, Dru. Thank goodness--gives the kids a peek at what the real test will be like. And I'm beyond jealous at your weekend plans.

    Katie, it will all be worth it come December!

  5. I agree...Kara needs to "settle" on AI. Have to admit that last tune "Pants on the Ground" has been rattling around in my head all day. :-) Can't wait to see Ellen!

    Happy Thursday...

  6. Lisa, that song is everywhere now! It's amazing how fast it can be remixed so fast by so many people. I'm happy for the general!

  7. Ugh...2 sick babies (ok, they're 9 & 12 but still MY babies) so the weekend will be all about popsicles and ginger ale.

    Can't wait to read the new book! After I read the Anatomy text book, of course.