Wednesday, January 13, 2010


That's me--circa a LONG time ago. I don't have the scar in my eyebrow yet,
so I'm under 2 years old. Exact age, unknown.

It's retro week on Facebook, where you're supposed to pull out an old pic and post it as your profile picture. For some reason I don't have a lot of pictures from when I was a preteen and practically none from elementary years. But I do have a good supply of baby pics. This is one of them. Don't you dig the outfit? Groovy.

I'm not one to follow FB trends often (you won't find my bra color on there, despite how much I support the Komen foundation), but this one seemed fun--a quick trip down memory lane. Are you on FB? If so, are you going retro?

PS:  Free copies of Truly, Madly on Goodreads:  Good luck!


  1. love it! must dig out one of my baby pictures...

  2. Look at were adorable. love the outfit.

    I want to put one up so bad, but I don't have any pictures here, unless I start digging. Tonight I must dig.

    Have a good Wednesday.

  3. Definitely, Katie! Wish I had some of you when you were little.

    Thanks, Dru, and yes, dig! I'll be checking tomorrow...

  4. Too Cute!I went retro on FB too!I was one of the lucky winners of Truly, Madly on Library Thing and just wanted to let you know I loved it and am looking forward to the next one already even though this one's not out yet!

  5. Hi Susie! I admit I'm loving retro week on FB. The old pictures are so much fun.

    I'm so glad you loved Truly, Madly! And I hear that there maybe, might, possibly be ARCs of Deeply, Desperately at some point. If I hear of a giveaway, I'll post about it.

  6. Retro week led me to the pic of my sister and I....big hair, braces and 80's fashion. Love it!