Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Say It Ain't So, Simon

Okay, come on. ‘Fess up. Who’s watching American Idol tonight?

At first I was going to try and resist. Do I really need to get hooked on it for another zillion weeks? That answer is no, not really, but there’s this irresistible pull…

I want to see how Ellen does and if Simon is as mean to her as he was to Paula, and what it will be like without Paula and her ramblings (though wasn’t she much better last year? I thought so.).

Really, in Idol land, there are two not-to-be missed portions—the beginning and the end. The auditions are endlessly entertaining—though I prefer the good auditions to the bad (I always feel sorry for them, especially the ones not trying to be bad to get on TV). And the ending, well, because there’s just something special about the show when the best of the best are performing.

So, I confess, I’ll be watching. My husband will probably be in hiding—or watching PBS. But my kids…I bet I can get at least one of them to watch with me. Who else will be tuning in?


  1. never seen an entire show nor on a regular basis - just a couple of recaps. Maybe I'll record it so I can FF and check out only the Ellen snippets.

  2. Heather, it's people like you who give TV watchers a bad name.

  3. I usually only watch the audition shows, and then will occasionally tune in here and there just to watch a few songs. My husband can't stand the show, so he won't be watching the auditions with me. I quite certain he would rather have a root canal, than watch Idol.
    I can't imagine the show without Simon. A lot of people tune in just to hear his comments.

  4. I do the same as you, Linda. I just like the beginnings.

  5. nope...have to be at school tonight

  6. Dru, I wish I had a FF option. A DVR is on my wish list!

    Linda, our husbands would get a long quite well.

    Donna, I love when they get their yellow tickets and the families are so excited. I'm such a sap!

    Katie, have fun with the new semester! When will you graduate?

  7. December!! only a week of break here and there until then.