Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I snooze, I lose...

I had a post all ready to go today about the wonderful books that are launching this month (Hasta La Vista Lola! Sleeping with Anemone! The Diva Paints the Town!), but the wonderful Deb Baker beat me to it.

Check out her amazing new blog, Powered by Books -- it's a great site for anyone who loves books, and really, who doesn't? Today's post is all about February releases. And yesterday's post showcases why I love the mystery community so much. It's wonderfully warm and fuzzy to have such great friends.

Speaking of books, do any of you budget for them, set a little money aside every month for those runs to the book store?

I don't, but I'm thinking I should. I'm an impulse shopper by nature and let me tell you, I get a lot of impulses in a book store! I've spent a small fortune on books this month, and though I'll wince when the credit card bill comes in, those books are so worth it...

To Deb's list, however, I'll also add last month's Eggsecutive Orders by Julie Hyzy, Dead Air by Mary Kennedy, and Stirring up Strife by JB Stanley. And March releases are just around the corner!

Now only to find more time to read...


PS: I just went to Misa Ramirez's website and chapter one of Hasta La Vista Lola is posted-- I LOVE this series. Check it out!

PPS: Misa is guest blogging on the Cozy Chicks today. Come by and say hi!


  1. There's too many books that I want to read and/or buy so my book budget is open. Yeah, I rather read a book than eat.

    I'm more inclined to buy paperbacks than hardcover since I can get 3-4 paperbacks for the price of 1 hardcover.

    I'm loving Truly, Madly

    Have a great Wednesday.

  2. There are some really great books coming out this month, as well as next. Talking about putting money aside for a book budget reminds me of a new blog I ran across recently. For the life of me this morning I can not remember which site it was. So I hope the owner of the blog will forgive but the idea was for each book you read, put back one dollar. The more you read, the more money you have say at the end of a month or six months to buy more books. I thought that was a neat idea.

  3. My book budget is open too. It's a priority for me, except above pet supplies. My kitty's well-being does come first =)

    Feb really was a great month for new releases. I love going through mystery and romance blogs and jotting down the new releases for the upcoming months. Has anyone read Deanna Raybourn's Lady Julia Grey novels? She has a stand-alone coming out at the end of the month and I Can't Wait.

  4. Right now I am living off of Gift Cards, beyond that, I have to be picky again. I wish I could buy every book. Thank goodness for book blogs, they really help me decide which ones to buy and introduces me to some great titles.

  5. nope, I budget for nursing textbooks. I typically don't actually buy books (got yours yesterday and allowing myself a chapter a night after homework) since money has to go elsewhere. when I have money to budget, my bookshelves will be full!

  6. I use my airmiles points to get gift cards, I don't earn enough points to actually fly with them, so books it is.
    I also drop big hints for gift cards for presents.
    If I am flying I will buy at least 4 books regardless of budget.

  7. I have to have a book budget or I would spend all I could on books. I love when I get gift cards for bookstores or the online book places. I go crazy buying books. Now all I have to do is keep reading my To Be Read Pile, which is ever growing.

  8. Wouldn't it be so nice to never, ever, have a book budget? Maybe Dru is right--eating is overrated!

    I do love book store gift cards, too. You really can't go wrong with those.