Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bad and the Good

A week or so ago, in the midst of all the deadline craziness, I escaped the house and Lucy's world for a little while to run errands. I had stops to make at Target, Michael's, and Walgreens. By the time I came out of Walgreens, I noticed a good-sized dent and lots of scraping over the front left wheel well of my car--someone had bumped into me and not left a note. I know this didn't happen at Target--I'd been parked next to a snowbank, and no one had been parked next to me at Walgreens, so I figured it happened at Michael's (just what kind of clientele do they have???). This was a bump someone had to have noticed. Not a tap, not a "oh, there's no damage" kind of thing. In fact, it's $740.00 worth of damage--and the need to have my car in the shop for three days (hello, rental). As hit and runs go, it's not horrible, but I can't help feeling a little letdown that someone didn't do The Right Thing.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was at the hair salon (hair has been deemed "cute" -- shoulder length with lots of layers and sweeping bangs) and while I was waiting to check in, the woman ahead of me was checking out. She was told the coupon she had for services didn't apply to what she had done, so she turned around and offered it to me. Okay, it was $10 off and not $740, but hey, it was such a nice thing to do that it renewed (somewhat) my belief that the kindness of strangers does exist.

Has a stranger done something nice for you lately? Or have you done anything unexpectedly nice for a stranger? I'm going to try--a pay it forward kind of thing. Just don't know what yet...


  1. I've been trying to do it a bit more lately, but one of my brother's friends lives a few miles from me. she had a baby recently and I know she doesn't have family nearby, so I made her some brownies and dropped them off. I just remember always wanting something sweet to munch on when my kids were up at night and though she might like the same.

  2. Hi Heather! How's Lucy???

    Sorry about your car, it makes me sad when stuff like that happens. I am sometimes amazed when total strangers are just kind, for no reason.

    Have a great day. How about a pic of that cute hair?

  3. Sorry about the car - don't you just hate when they hit and run, or in your case cause damage and run.

    Glad your family like your new hair do. Do you like it? And yes, will we see a picture.

    I gave away one of my quilts to a patient in a hospital. It was intended for a friend but I felt the little girl could use it more, and she immediately wrapped it around her little body and smiled. That made me feel good.

    Have a good Thursday.

  4. Ugh! on the car damage, but yay! on new hair style. I always try to hold doors for people (esp if their arms are full), say please and thank you to bus drivers, and I am part of a group that makes handmade cards to send to troops that they can send home to their families - not like there's a Hallmark in the desert.

  5. Katie, I bet she really appreciated those brownies. I know I would have!

    Hi Elie! Lucy's good--though she gets thrown for quite a loop in Absolutely, Positively. Poor girl... I'm working on the pic of the hair--hopefully it will be up tomorrow as pic of the day.

    Dru, I love the story of the quilt and the little girl. So, so sweet.

    Hi Heather! I think "Thank you" goes such a long way. And it's so easy, too. I never even thought about the soldiers sending cards--what a great thing you're doing!