Friday, March 12, 2010

Picture of the Day

(Disclaimer: This is obviously not a picture of my haircut. Not enough time to take one yesterday--so maybe next week!)

photo credit: Mr. Webber

My favorite part of duck watching is when they flip upside down
to look for food. Endless entertainment.


  1. I love all of Mr. Webber's nature shots. This one is simply beautiful. I love the ripples of the water.

  2. And I thought Ducktails went out of style years ago! :) Love the picture, what a great shot!

  3. Ducks are great to watch. They do some of the funniest things. Love the photo.

  4. I think you all made Mr. Webber's day. :)

    And LOL on the ducktails.

  5. My husband has a shot like this that I call "Up Periscope." That probably tells you a lot about my childish sense of humor, doesn't it?