Monday, April 12, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I'm home, and surviving the morning with lots of caffeine. The Diva tour was amazing. Met lots of great people, signed tons of books, ate a lot of great food, signed my first ebook (see picture) and got to hang out with some pretty fantastic women.

I rolled into the driveway around eleven last night, and other than the cultural tour of Chicago my GPS took me on, the ride home was easy. No traffic at all, even through Indianapolis, which is a minor miracle.

This week is all about the little things. Lots to catch up on, business-wise and family-wise too. My younger son is looking at colleges, and I have several tours to set up and college coaches to contact. I have to remember to preorder tickets for my daughter's upcoming play. I just finished ironing my oldest's "Sunday best." A good friend of his died last week unexpectedly. It's my son's first real brush with death (our family is truly blessed), and I wished I'd been in town to at least give him a hug, so ironing is the least I could do.

I'm starting a brand new proposal. Well, it's a reincarnation, but it's brand new in the way that I'm starting from scratch. I'm excited about the book, so I can't wait to start writing. I'm also ordering new bookmarks and postcards and updating my mailing list, so if you'd like a postcard telling you when my next book is out, send me an email at

I leave town again in just two weeks for Malice Domestic and Oakmont, PA's Festival of Mystery, so lots to do before then, but after that I'll have some time off for a while. And you know what that means! Home renovations. LOL! I just can't help myself.

First on my list: watching the Amazing Race episode my husband so thoughtfully taped for me. :) Don't tell me what happened!



  1. Welcome back!

    Glad you had a good time on your Diva Tour. You guys need to "play" NYC.

    I can't wait to hear more about your new book proposal.

    Does this mean you're done with "Lucy Valentine?"

    Have a good Monday.

  2. #2 is gearing up for college? Good Lord, you're old.

  3. Dru, we're trying to figure out where to go next... Stay tuned. As for Lucy--hopefully she'll go on--I'm waiting to hear on proposals, but until then, it's always good to be working on something new.

    Theo, I know.

  4. OMG, is that the picture that Marcia took with her iPhone??? That's my Li'l Bit she's signing, y'all!!!