Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing Hooky

I should be working. I should totally be working. I have copy edits to look over for Deeply, Desperately that are due back early next week, and I have a proposal to work on, and I have postcards to format and, and, and... The list goes on.

But come on! It's going to be 78* today, sunny and warm. The trees are in bloom, the grass is green, and I think I have to (just have to) throw on shorts and a t-shirt, grab my gardening gloves and my gardening sneakers and go play, er work, in the yard. I have mulch beds to clean out and plants to prune and blueberry bushes to plant. And if I make a run to the local garden store for some decent soil (darn this clay!) and happen across some petunias or a lilac bush or two and they happen to come home with me I don't think that's so wrong, do you?

Everything else can take a time out for today. Today is going to be all about my mind resting, relaxing, and focusing on something other than the usual go, go, go. I'm going to enjoy it--and be very thankful I don't have allergies. :)



  1. That sounds like a wonderful plan. I haven't played hooky or as we say at work "take a mental day" in a while and I feel one coming soon.

    Have a great day.

  2. You are working! Sometimes working in my yard or doing other than just writing allows my creative juices to flow which flows on the paper later.

  3. Mental health is definitely appropriate in my case, Dru!

    Tonya, today (as I finish up the yard) I'm going to really try and focus on plotting while I work. Yesterday I was too busy grumbling at how bad the yard had become and why we had so many *&*^ ants.

    Hope everyone's feeling better at your house!