Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prickly Eyes, Anyone?

I cut my first fresh pineapple last week. I'd always bought pineapple pre-cut and cored from the grocery store, but last week I ventured into new territory. Okay, I admit it, I was forced into new territory--Kroger was out of the ready-to-eat pineapple. 

And I really wanted fresh pineapple. It's one of my favorite summer fruits. But cutting one myself? Coring it? Have you seen those spiky green fronds, the prickly eyes? Uh, yeah.  If canned pineapple measured up in the least, I'd have been stocking up.

But it doesn't, so I sucked it up and bought my first whole pineapple. And okay, I admit it, I had to look up how to cut it online. Don't judge me. 

Color me shocked, but cutting it was really easy. Coring was a bit trickier as I don't own a corer, but I improvised. The end result was definitely worth it.

Will I buy another? Maybe. Someday. When I have to. But this week? Okay, I admit, I bought the newly restocked  ready-to-eat pineapple...

Do you have a favorite summer fruit?


  1. We love fresh pineapple. We get the ones where the directions are on the tag.
    I love all fruit, but kiwi might be my fav.

  2. When I was pregnant with our first born, I craved fresh pinapple. Had to be fresh - no canned or frozen. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of winter in Ohio. My husband brought me some of the most pitiful, green, unripened specimens you'd ever see and I'd scarf them down. Now I limited my self to those declicious summer samples but it's still my favorite. (During my next pregnancy, we were in Los Angeles, in the summer, and I fudge sundaes.)

  3. Don't they have corers for pineapples?

    I love cherries, especially sweet ones. I can eat a whole bowl without thinking.

    I look instructions on the internet every time I don't know how to tackle a task.

  4. Tonya, I can't bring myself to try kiwi, but my husband loves it.

    Linda, LOL on the opposite cravings!

    Dru, there are corers out there--I just don't have one. And I love cherries, too. I can totally eat a whole bowl without thinking twice.

    I love the smell of peaches, Lisa, but not so much the skin! I should give them another try.

  5. its not so bad, is it :P I love fresh pineapple. my favorite summer fruit is strawberries or cherries. yum :)

  6. my favorite summer fruits are strawberries and nectarines. At times it can be hard to get GOOD nectarines - sometimes they're musshy (uhg!) sometimes they're too sweet with no tangy (love the tanginess with the sweetness) and at times they get bruised from the fruit bin to home (yuk).

    Strawberries can also be difficult - looking all juicy and red and sweetly delicious.....then tasting tasteless or sour.

    I have cut pineapples for many years, but I have never ever cored one. We eat the middle - is that weird? tastes fine, but it's just a bit tougher than the rest. :)