Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tongue Tripping

A couple of months ago my daughter had a trumpet performance (competition), and she needed a piano accompanist.

I never quite realized until that point how hard it is for me to say the word "accompanist." Nearly impossible on the first try, second too. By the third, I usually give up--by that point whoever I'm talking to knows what I'm trying to say (though, hmmm, they don't attempt to say it the right way--am I not alone in this tongue tripper?) Not sure what it is about that particular combination of letters but it refuses to come out of my mouth as it should.

And it's not alone.

It has friends.

Friends like "statistics" and (why???) "digitally," and to a lesser extent, but still troublesome, "literary." I have to really slow down and focus on syllables when I say them. Strange, no?

Are there any words you trip over too?



  1. Yes, Specific versus Pacific and forget about saying your home state...I forget the "chusetts."

    Then there's cinnamon, I could go on, but I won't.

    Have a good Thursday.

  2. hmm...seeing how I do speech therapy...maybe I need to send some tongue tapper exercises your way *wink*~I hope me, you and Misa can meet up Sunday for breakfast!!

  3. "Children" and "yay".

  4. Oh, Dru, I have trouble with "specific" too. Maybe we both need some time with Tonya!

    And Tonya, email me with some times!!!

  5. I have a friend who can't ever say "cinnamon" right the first time around! We always laugh about it.

  6. For me I always need a big pause before I say "thesaurus" - isn't it ironic that there's no synonym for that word, too??

    (By the way, I'm a new follower but I absolutely adored the book Truly, Madly! I hope there are plenty more Lucy Valentine mysteries in the works!)

  7. Hi Lisa! So glad you adored Truly, Madly. That puts a smile on my face.

    LOL on thesaurus having no synonym. Never thought of that.