Thursday, July 22, 2010


I totally stole this picture from Jennifer
Stanley, who made Cozy Chick goody bags
for ALA last month. Mine
look identical, though I don't have the cool
tote bag. Bummer.
-Day 5 of gluten-free, and I'm dreaming of penne. Do you think that's normal?

-I've been working on guest blogs most of the week. Within the next couple of weeks I'll be at, the Romance Bandits, the Working Stiffs, and Romance University. Oh, and I have big blogging news to announce soon...I'll let you know in August (tease, tease).

-I leave for RWA next Wednesday, and I'm making Cozy Chick goody bags to take with me. Am wondering what TSA might think of the CC buttons...and whether I should carry them on or check that bag.

-I'm spending another hour and a half at the physical therapy office with my daughter today, and I'm planning to use the whole time to write. I'm hoping not to be distracted by all the other patients (they're so fun to people watch).

-We're expecting temps in the high 90s over the next few days. I have a feeling our grass is going to be nice and crispy soon.

-I made a to-do list (I loathe to-do lists) and it's scary-long. Not too happy about that, but I'm hoping if I write down all the things I need to get done then maybe I won't a) forget or b) procrastinate (stop laughing).

Do you use to-do lists? And how do you feel about them?


  1. I make to-do list and then make other list to add to my to-do list. LOL A list does help, especially if you look at it which I sometimes forget to do until late in the day and what I needed to do was something that morning. Good luck with your list. Looking forward to hearing your August news.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. BUMMED that I'm not going to Nationals to see everyone! But that's okay, it just means we have to get together when you get home so you can tell me all about it!!!

    I make several to do lists b/c if I don't, I'll never remember what client I see when...minute to minute kinda gal!

  3. I make notes and love when I see things crossed off.

    Good luck with your list.

    Ooh, I can't wait to hear what news you'll have in August to tell us.

  4. I use To Do Lists all the time, don't know what I'd do without them. Good luck with everything you have going on. I'm curious to hear what your "August blogging news is". Have a great day!

  5. First, it is very normal to dream about penne. :-)

    Looking forward to the big news in August.

    I agree with Dru in regards to lists. It feels really good to cross things off the list once they are completed.

    Have a good one and stay cool!

  6. To do lists are a must with me, for work and weekends, but especially as I get ready to travel. I'm hoping my ever-growing to do list in prep for RWA will keep the nightmare I had last night from happening. Dreamed I was crossing the tarmac to board the plane for Orlando and realized I had forgotten my boarding pass and suitcase! Better add "print boarding pass" to the list.
    P.S. - cute goody bag!

  7. Weelll...I make lists. They're not necessarily to-do lists, though. Mostly they have to do with books I'm missing, or new releases coming out. But I do love to check off when I get a bunch of new books! As far as I'm aware, the TSA doesn't have a sense of humor, so you might want to check that bag...

  8. Thanks, MC! I really don't like to-do lists, so writing one in the first place is a big step for me. Remembering to look at it might be too much. LOL.

    Tonya, I really wish you were going to Nationals!!!! For some reason I'm not surprised about your lists. You're so organized!

    Hi Dru, it is nice to cross things off! My announcement won't be far off--I can't believe school will be starting soon. Wow.

    Hi BJ, I'm not sure I can handle multiple lists! LOLOL. The one I have is kind of driving me crazy. :)

    Thank goodness about the penne, Lisa! I was a little worried. LOL.

    Hi Allison--you've reminded me to add to my to-do list. Boarding passes. The little details of a trip are the ones that always get forgotten. See you in Orlando!

    Hi Shel, I think you're right about the TSA, but now I'm going to worry about the airline losing the bag. I'm a worrier by nature. Book lists are wonderful, not in the same league as to-do lists at all. LOL. :)