Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm working on a new proposal, the cozy with the magic twist, and it features three sisters with some very special talents. I have lists of all the things they can do, but not so many things they can't. Which makes for dull characters.

All great characters are flawed. Whether it be something simple like they're gullible, to something more severe like a heart ailment. It can be physical or emotional. But it has to be to there. And for my main character it's not. Nothing is clicking so far.

So I'm turning to you for inspiration. What kind of flaws do you like to see in your characters? Or if you have suggestions for my main character, I'm listening. I'm thinking I want some sort of physical ailment but nothing too, too bad (like cancer, etc). Just enough to make her want to settle down. Any ideas?

A little more about her: 29 years old; she primarily raised her two younger sisters by herself after her mother died when she was 7; she's never lived in any one place for more than a month; she likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain---kidding, just kidding about that last one!


PS: I was going to post a witch picture with a wart on the nose to go with the whole "flaw" theme... Note to self: do not google wart images this early in the morning. Ugh. Queasy.


  1. There's anemia. It can have minor symptoms like weakness, fatigue or lack of concentration. The more severe symptoms are hyperdynamic circulation causing heart issues (increased heart rate, murmurs). It can also make you look pale.

    Hope it helps-

  2. She could severe from migraines. They can be quite bad at times or other things just bothersome enough to make you snap at everyone. (Speaking from experience.)

    The new proposal sounds intriguing. Looking forward to learning more. Best of luck.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Are you trying to drive her toward settling down in a specific place? Asthma or some sort of respiratory allergy could work if you can put her in a dry climate. Or that could make a good ongoing issue if she wants to live in a non-asthma friendly climate and has to deal with it.

    Think of the romantic possibilities... "Is that your asthma kicking in or are you really glad to see me?" (sorry)

    If you're not set on it being physical, a good phobia could work. Something that gets in the way of whatever action you have planned for her.


  4. Hi, Heather! *waving*

    Can't wait to meet the sisters. OK, so -- a physical flaw ... there are some great suggestions here already for conditions that are fairly common. Another of those might be insomnia -- sounds tame enough, but if you've ever had it for real, you know it can really scramble your life!

    Another way to go is with with something very unusual like these:
    1. narcolepsy (could really impact the character's activities, ha ha!)
    2. getting the hiccups whenever she's nervous or scared (or whatever triggers you put on it)
    3. abnormal, strong craving for something specific
    4. vertigo or Meniere's disease

    There you go -- some fodder for the idea mill! Have fun!


  5. I like the migraine because I can see that affecting the magical twists.

    Perhaps she has self-doubts

  6. What about super ditzy but things just happen to fall in her lap.

  7. Lots of great ideas! Thanks, everyone. I'm going to play with a couple of them to see if they stick.

    I need to finish this proposal ASAP!

  8. diabetes is a good one, effects every day life.