Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Shopping

I've been doing a little Christmas shopping, picking and choosing carefully. Shopping for teens is hard! Gone are the days of Matchbox cars and Barbies. It was so easy when the kids were little. Yesterday when I saw an ad for Legos, I actually felt a little pang of nostalgia. My babies are almost all grown up.

These days just getting a list out of them is tough. And though I really, truly appreciate that they don't want much of anything, I still feel the need to fill the space beneath the Christmas tree. I'm working on getting rid of that need, after all Christmas isn't about gifts. Not tangible ones at least.

So I'm really on the hunt for gifts that mean something, gifts that will last. It's a challenge but it's a fun one.

How's your holiday shopping coming along? Made a dent yet?


PS: Lucy Valentine is blogging today at Killer Characters. Hope you'll stop by!


  1. Hang in there, Heather. When they get out on their own, they'll need everything again and you'll have nice long lists. And later there will be more little ones to buy Lego's and Barbies for.

  2. I agree with Linda, you'll get to buy those gifts again.

    I'm 98% done.

  3. Heather - My son is going to be 18 in January and he, too, will be going on to college. He was a big Lego kid and hasn't put together any for over a year at least. I saw on the Lego website the Holiday House and Bakery - and I asked him if I bought them for him, would he put them together for me to display in place of my usual holiday houses. He was actually excited about it - and I was so melancholy thinking these would be the last sets I would buy him. Sniff, sniff. He has already put together the bakery and is going to work on the next set this weekend. What a wonderful memory I'll have!

  4. Don't be afraid to start buying stuff for college dorm rooms/apts. There are a ton of little things they'll wish they had come move-in. One of the best and most useful gifts my parents bought me and each of my sisters Christmas during my freshman year was a tool kit. You know, the kind that comes in a handy, durable carrying case and contains all the essentials. Still comes in handy after all these years!

    Oh, and you can always buy legos, matchbox cars, and other games to donate to Toys For Tots or similar local campaign. ;-)

  5. Linda, I'm not sure I'm that patient! LOL. You're right, though.

    Dru, 98%?????? I'm jealous. So jealous.

    Ann, that's so sweet!!! I'd be gluing that Lego masterpiece together. :)

    Heather, I'm not sure I can bear (mentally) to buy college stuff already. I need to work my way up to that--I figure I have six months or so before I go into panic mode!

  6. Other than a few small items & some gift cards I'm just about done! I start shopping by early October & pretty much have it wrapped up by Thanksgiving! I dread shopping in crowded malls & going out in bad winter weather.

    Good luck w/ the rest of your shopping and happy holidays!