Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolution # 3

This is a toughie because it's something I struggle with every single day yet I'm not sure why it's such a struggle. Maybe figuring that out should be part of the resolution?

Resolution # 3:

I will respond in a timely manner to emails. At least within 24 hours.

Anyone else struggle with this?


  1. I don't. It's probably b/c I get my email on my phone and I do check it.

  2. This is a yes and no for me. Most e-mail I'll answer right away but if it requires my doing something first (to get the answer) or if someone writes me a nice long e-letter that deserves a longer response then the old procrastination problem kicks in.

  3. T, I check it. It's *responding* that I have issues with. LOL!

    Linda, I think it's the P word I'm having trouble with, too. And I hate making decisions--and a lot of my email requires decision making. Blech.

  4. I hardly even check mine half the time. Yep - I am guilty of not responding.

  5. I don't get a lot of emails, so it is easier to respond to the ones I get.

    I imagine you get tons.