Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? I started, but quickly realized I knew none of the movies (except Toy Story 3--and yes, I cried), so really, there was no point in watching. I was glad to hear the Jane Lynch won for Glee--she does such a great job in that role, but on the whole I'm not all that crazy about Glee this year--my kids still love it, however, so maybe I'm just (gasp) old.

I do love, however, the red carpet. The little girl in me comes alive at the gowns (does anyone care what the men are wearing?). I love the glitz and the glam, the jewels, the updos. The best-dressed, and the what-in-the-world-was-she-thinking outfits. I'm not going to name names, but there are some (and I'm sure they know who they are by now) that should have consulted a mirror before they left the house last night. Oy. Not that I could do much better on my own, but if I had that kind of money, I'd be hiring someone to help me out--and be honest about how I look. 

But then again, being worst-dressed certainly gets an actress lots of press... Maybe certain outfits are on purpose... Hmmm.


PS: Lucy Valentine is blogging today at Killer Characters about lost pets. Since she's uh, lost a couple recently.

PPS: A Cinderella Plan, A Hoe Lot of Trouble, and Sweet Dreams are now available on Kindle! Look for links on the left (just click the pics). Coming soon on Nook!


  1. I just got a Nook so can't wait Heather! I am glad you got it all figured out. Thanks for the hint with Lucy and the new book. I am ready to read it!!

  2. The first thing I do is turn to E! and watch the 2-hour red carpet show. I love spotting my favorite celebrity and then wonder, like you said, who in the world dressed you.

    Did you see the dress Helen Boheman Carter was wearing and the shoes? I was like what closet did she shop in.

  3. Shoulder pads! Yech. I sometimes think that some actresses have a bad case of the Emperor's New Clothes and have an entourage of stunned yes people saying 'darling you look wonderful'. I watched it while I was cooking, cleaning etc. Doesn't really merit full attention because I haven't heard of most of the shows/movies either. Love that the young man from Glee won as did Jim Parsons from Big Bang.

    : )

  4. The Nook is being SO SLOW! Hopefully the stories be up soon. Like tomorrow. :)

    Dru, amen.

    Gaylin, the yes-men for those bad dressers need to be fired! Yikes.

  5. Lost pets?! Oh, boy. I just read Truly Madly and am a bit worried for Grendel. And Odysseus!

    Love your blog, Heather. Very positive!

    Marie at

  6. I didn't watch it, but I did scroll through the photos of the stars to see what their dresses were like. (And no, I'm not all that interested in what the men are wearing). But, I love the outrageous outfits.....I think we need a lot more Cher outfits because in more recent years there have not been too many outrageous ones. But there certainly were some ugly dresses last night.