Friday, January 21, 2011

Picture of the Day

Snow Bunny

credit: Mr. W

What do you think he's thinking? "Where's my carrot? Have you seen my carrot? I don't see my carrot!"
For the record, yes, we're still feeding the bunny every night. And for the record, yes, we're crazy.


  1. Maybe crazy, but it's nice to think that this bunny is going to eat during the cold winter! Good for you. & Good thing it's not a bear! LOL

  2. Why would you not feed him? Doesn't sound a bit crazy to me.

  3. Love the photo and I would feed him.

  4. He's thinking, "When are they going to let me come inside the house and warm up by the fireplace, while feeding me carrots of course? Oohhh, and some strawberries. I'd love some strawberries!"