Monday, January 31, 2011

Wake Up!

Did you hear the news story a couple of weeks ago about many, many Iphone users, including NBA stars, who overslept because their Iphones malfunctioned and the alarm didn't go off? This actually happened to my brother-in-law, too, and he was late for work. Some sort of glitch in the system that turned off the alarm setting. 

This would never happen to Mr. W, as he sets two alarms every night, one battery operated, one electrical. Me? I rely on my little battery-operated alarm clock that I've been using for years, and the kids rely

It has happened that once in a great while my handy-dandy clock doesn't go off. Usually because of operator error--I didn't set it right, or set it for PM instead of AM. Luckily, I have an internal alarm clock that blares when the kids are in danger of being late for school. No crises...yet.

Do any of you get the Signals catalog? They have a lot of fun, knick-knack, kitschy type items. One of them is a fancy alarm clock that sounds like a butler. There are many different settings, including, "I’m so sorry to disturb you but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient, I agree . . . I believe it is the rotation of the earth that is to blame."

LOL. Not sure I could get used to a voice waking me up, but it could be fun. 

How do you wake up? Blaring alarm? Clock radio?


  1. I wake up to one or both of my dogs crying, shortly after that my alarm goes off. I usually hit the snooze button at least once & then get up. I've been turning the TV on to get some light & sound in my room then get going with the day!

  2. I LOVE the butler quote.

    My hubby got a new alarm clock a few months ago that uses nature sounds. He chose 'waves on the shore'. Since I usually wake up needing an immediate trip to the bathroom, the sound of rushing water first thing in the morning is NOT helpful.

  3. I wake up with a clock radio, but most of the time my cat, Little One, wakes me first. She has a set schedule of when she wants feed. The butler clock would take a bit of getting use to but sounds neat.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. I wake up with my DH kissing goodbye when he goes to work<3 Puts a smile on my face and starts my day off right!

  5. Breaunna, you're better than me--I hit the snooze three times every morning. It would probably be more than three, except my clock stops at three snoozes. Probably a good thing.

    LOL, Linda! LOL!

    MC, pets have a way of making their needs known, huh? :)

    That's sweet, T! Half the time I'm out cold when Mr. W kisses me goodbye!

  6. aawww Tonya...that's beautiful.

    I wake up. I just get up and I'm raring to go, except if I'm sick. I still get though. I do set my clock radio 15 minutes before I need, but I always wake up before and turns itself on.

  7. I have three alarms set on my cell phone (usually 5, 515, and 530). If I really REALLY need to be up at a certain time, I set a regular alarm clock and put it across the room so I have to get out of bed.

  8. I usually always just wake up a few minutes before the alarm would go off. So I usually never have to hear my alarm, which is just a clock radio on my night stand. When it does go off, it always startles me awake. And even though the butler idea is cute, I think the voice waking me up would freak me out.

  9. I actually have that talking clock. The voice is Stephen Fry and it's a hoot!

    My husband got it for me for my birthday in 2009. It took FOREVER for it to come from the UK.