Monday, June 27, 2011

The Betrayal, the Carry-On, and the Watched Chicken

The Betrayal

Taken by Mr. W

You may recognize these fellas from previous posts about our crazy scheme to feed the wild rabbits carrots so they’ll leave our plants alone.


That idea worked for a few years. But now the wild bunnies outnumber the carrots (apparently) because my plants have become fair game. Several impatiens are gone. Completely gone, roots and all. Some salvia is history. A wave petunia. The flowers on several perennials are missing, leave the lonely stalks behind.

Next year...more bunny resistant plants. And maybe more carrots.

The Carry-On

I leave tomorrow for New York City for the national Romance Writer’s conference. I’m flying (shudder) and am going to really try and get everything into a carry-on. Stop laughing. I think I can do it. Well, I hope I can do it. We’ll see... Might pull down the big suitcase just in case.

The Watched Chicken

You know that adage “A watched pot never boils?” Well, I’m here to tell you that a watched chicken will not pop its little internal thermometer. Trust me on this. I learned it the hard way.

Currently Reading:

A Parfait Murder by Wendy Lyn Watson  -- What are you reading?


  1. Water for Elephants... finally!

  2. I'm also reading A Parfait Murder, on my Kindle!

  3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rolwing. I'm trying to finish the series before the last movie comes out July 15.

  4. Kristine, I haven't read that one yet. Or seen the movie. I'm so behind the times!

    Breaunna, so happy you got that Kindle! Do you love it? I really hope there will be more in Wendy's series. I love these characters.

    Heather, my kids can't wait to see that movie! There's talk of going to a midnight showing...

  5. Too bad bunnies are so naughty - they are just too cute for words. Good luck getting everything into your carry-on! Checked baggage fees are the worst! I'm reading Lorna Barrett's Chapter and Hearse (the 4th in the Booktown series). Totally enjoying the series.

  6. Were you able to get everything in your carryon?

    I'm reading "In The Belly of Jonah" by Sandra Brannan

  7. Hi Heather! Yes, I absolutely love my Kindle! I am now addicted to Shuffled Row too! I love Wendy's series as well and am hoping there will be more to come. The characters are hilarious! Have a great time at the conference. Oh, I know I've asked you before but do you think you'll make it to Kansas anytime for a book signing?! Hint, hint, hint.....

  8. Hey Breaunna, I live in Kansas also --- I second that motion. =)
    Just found your blog today Heather, and I shared your Facebook page on my FB wall..

    Im reading Truly Madly by Heather Webber =) on my nook and The Girl who chased the moon by Sarah Addison Allen.