Monday, July 4, 2011

My Firecracker, the Long Ride, and My Fleeting Fame

My Firecracker

Today is son #2's birthday, his 18th (don't get me started). He's my fourth of July firecracker, born almost two weeks early in the wee hours of the morning after I'd gone into labor while waiting to watch the fireworks with Mr. W and son #1.  When he was little, he always thought the fireworks were for his birthday. We never set him straight. :)

The Long Ride

A sixteen hour drive does not make for a happy me, but being in the heart of the White Mountains does. We're on vacation this week in New Hampshire, soaking in the mountain air. Ahhhhh. We'll be hiking and shopping and rafting and maybe kayaking if we have time. So much to do before that sixteen hour ride home. Big thank you to M and P for house-sitting and taking care of Max (who's still swimming) and the fledgling tomatoes.

My Fleeting Fame

Just finished a round of mini-golf and (for once) I actually won (though Baby Girl came mighty close). And for a split second, I actually had the best score of the day. Then "Joe" came along and wiped me off the board with a "38." I might need another round...

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July!


  1. Happy Birthday to son #2 - 18 is major.

    I feel your pain on the 16 hour ride. I am not a great traveler. I have fun once I get where I'm going, but getting there is not fun for me (whether driving or flying!

    Congrats on your mini golf score - looks like fun. Haven't done it in awhile. Maybe I need to get out there and practice. I used to be pretty good.

    Have a great 4th!

  2. My middle two (fraternal twins)were born on Yom Haaztmut(Israel Independence Day). We took them to the parade as little kids and told them it was their Birthday Parade. LOL They've since stopped believing that but do take their kids to see the parade when possible.

  3. Happy Birthday to Son #2. What was his wish for his 18th birthday?

    Kudos on being the top scorer in mini-golf.

    Enjoy your vacation.

    Happy Independence Day!

  4. He's 18 Mom, but you've been through this once...even though it never gets easier. *smile* I'm glad he thought the fireworks were for him!!! Every child should have something that belongs to them alone on their birthday. My son believed the train that passed through town each day was the "birthday train" delivering gifts. Somehow that train always knew when he was just getting off the bus and would toot it's

    I think it's time to go pro with a mini golf score like that!!!! Geez!! I'm lucky if I can keep my ball from going way out to other Sixteen hours is a long ride, but going up you were excited to get to the mountains and closer to family and old it went faster than ya thought. Coming back it will go fast because you're tired and ready for your own bed in your own home. Enjoy and have a wonderful rest of the 4th of July!!!

  5. Happy 18th to your son!

    Congrats on winning the mini golf game!! Woohoo! I love mini golf. I take my niece for a round when she comes to visit in the summer. Have a wonderful vacation. Happy 4th to you and your family!

  6. Thanks, everyone! It's been a wonderful day. Just about perfect. Lots of sun, fun, family, food, reading, putt-putting, and toes dipped in an icy river. Who can ask for more? Oh wait. Fireworks tonight, down the street. We're avoiding the crowd but will hopefully see from the hotel.