Monday, July 25, 2011

The Patience of a Saint, the Fight, and the Pretty Mama

The Patience of a Saint
I'm pretty sure that bacon was created just to test my patience. Why, oh why, does it take so long to cook? And the whole time it's cooking? It fills the house with its delicious, tempting aroma. Teasing me: Ha, ha, I'm raw! You'll get trichinosis if you even try to eat me before I'm done. Back off! But not too far off, because I need to be turned regularly. Bacon is spiteful like that. Instead, it makes me wait another 28 1/2 minutes before its done enough so I can eat it. Oh, and if I dare turn up the heat so it cooks just an eensy bit faster, what happens? It fights back. It spits. It burns. Yeah, it's not nice that way. Cooking bacon is fairly close to torture. But worth the wait. Sometimes (can you tell I'm still mad at it?).

The Fight
All I wanted was to get a spatula out of the overcrowded utensil drawer. That's all. It's not asking too much, was it? So I very nicely tried to open the drawer. It opened about a quarter of the way. If I wanted I could stick my fingers in (I have long fingers) and grab the measuring spoons. But I didn't want the measuring spoons (unfortunately), I wanted the spatula. So I tugged the drawer harder. It didn't budge. So I reached in and tried to figure out which of the unruly utensils was jamming it up. Aha! The culprit was the rolling pin. And so the fight began. Tugging and some minor cursing and skinned knuckles and a wounded innocent bystander (the whisk) later, and *finally* the drawer opened. It was an ugly fight, and I'd like to say I won, but I think the rolling pin got the last laugh when the spatula was in the dishwasher...

The Pretty Mama

Taken by Mr. W
This mama mourning dove is nesting in one of our pine trees. She actually has two babies, but one of them is hiding in this shot. They hatched last week, and they're already out and about. I can't believe how fast they grow! Pretty, isn't she?


  1. LOL at the spatula being in the dishwasher. I've had that same fight looking for the big spoon and some utensil that I probably don't use was blocking the drawer from opening.

    I hear you on the bacon. It smells good and is tasty too. I've tried that trick with rasing the heat and yeah, the bacon wins in that game.

    Great picutre of mama bird and her baby.

    Have a great week!

  2. Heather, I used to hate bacon for the same reason... then I discovered Hormel's microwave versions-- the fully cooked kind you just warm in 20-30 seconds, and the raw kind that cooks within a pouch in 3 minutes. LOVE them! AND... did you know Hormel Black Label bacon was discovered to be the best bacon for you. Even better than turkey bacon-- which I grew up on-- that contains massive amounts of sodium. Google it!!! And then rush to the market and try one of the above at least once.

  3. ROFL on the "fight". I think most of us have done this at least once. Way too funny though. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dru, I really need to clean out that utensil drawer. It's full of things that I always think I'll use eventually--but never do!

    Kristine, Hormel is one of my faves! Really, really good. For some reason I like pan bacon better than microwaved--glutton for punishment, that's me!

    Jess, I'm glad I'm not alone! LOL.

  5. I like my bacon pan-fried too.

  6. Oh yes, Heather, I've fought the same fight. I ended up taking some of my utensils and putting them in a plastic container in the garage to lessen the amount of junk in the draw, but it doesn't take long before it builds up until it's blocked again.

    Your mourning dove is lovely. I have dozens of them in my yard (plus a pair of turtle doves), but seldom see the babies until they're old enough to join the others. Once they nested where I could see a baby, tho, and I was totally amazed at the rate it grew. I could barely believe it.