Monday, July 18, 2011

The Urges, the Scare, and the Broken Promises

The Urges
I always know when I have a deadline on the very close horizon. Things I can usually ignore suddenly become chores of the utmost importance. Like cleaning out closets, tidying my office, organizing my recipe box. Yes, the recipe box. The second book in the witch series is due 9/1/11, and I'm way behind. But I know I can get it done. Rah, rah! (Any kind words of encouragement welcome!)

The Scare
I've mentioned the need we have for an exterminator, right? The invading centipedes alone are worth it. Then the flying ants arrived. Lately, all's been well (knock wood), but there I was cleaning the kitchen last week when I saw something on the counter. It was a black lump just sitting there, taunting me. I was torn between thwapping it with a rolled up newspaper or running screaming from the room when I realized it wasn't moving. I moved in, armed with the paper. Huh. It was a dried up raisin that had fallen out of the toaster. We can just keep this story to ourselves, right?

The Broken Promise
I have a problem. I just can't stop buying books. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more until I finished at least ten that I already owned. Yeah, well. You can see where this is going. I've probably bought six books in the last two weeks. How many read? Oh, one. There are some promises that just shouldn't be made.

Bonus pic
Backyard visitor
taken by Mr. W
How cute is he? He hangs out under our bird feeder and scavenges for leftover seeds. If only I can teach him to chase away those centipedes.

Pop in later in the week for some vacation pics. Long overdue, I know. Did I mention I was on deadline???


  1. Cheering you on in meeting your deadline because I know you can do it. Go Heather! Go!

    LOL at the raisin incident. I'll try not to mention it to others ;)

    I know what you mean about books and having the kindle doesn't make it any easier. I buy more books now than before I got my e-readers.

    Have a good week!

  2. I'm with you on the book buying. I have at least 20 books sitting on my bookshelf that I can't wait to read and the same amount on my ereader. And then Sassy Girls keeps profiling more books that sound great!

  3. Totally understand about the urges. When I have something that I need to do, I find myself doing everything but that task. Even if I start the task, I walk to another room, see something there and do that, then move somewhere else and see something else...But I'm sure you'll eventually settle in and get it done.

    LOL on the raisin. Totally something I would do (not into creepy-crawlies). At least you hadn't yelled for someone else to come "kill" it - that would have been even worse.

    Like Dru, now that I have my Kindle, I'm even worse about buying books. Often, I'll get the first in a series and, if I like it, I end up buying the entire series - and there are A LOT of great series out there!

    Love the squirrel. I have several in my yard and love watching them.

  4. *imagine pom-pom girls here*

    Sufficient cheerleading? :-)

    And I'm totally with you on the insects...ROTFL at the raisin, but it's exactly something I would do!

  5. Thanks, Dru Ann! I'll take that cheering. The e-reader makes it SO easy to buy. I have to learn to power that thing down. I have trigger-finger.

    Kuzlin, I've bought books from Sassy Girls recommendations, too. Sometimes I try not to look. When she did the Southern theme last week, I was clicking like crazy!

    Lynda, the lack of focus just kills me. I'm just like you. I start one thing, then see something else. It just snowballs. Yikes.

    LOL, Sara, love those pom poms! Thank you!

  6. I've given up trying to not buy books. My new, awful secret? I'm buying some books on my Kindle that I already have in paperback form! I'm totally blaming that one on my eyesight.

    Heather, I'd rather write your book than clean my office. Or organize recipes. And I don't organize closets. Wish I wrote as well as you...guess that means you better get busy! That series is so good!!