Monday, December 19, 2011

The I Don't Think So

I was driving down I75 the other day, and alongside the road was a billboard for It showed a person ice-climbing and had some sort of slogan trying to convince me to visit.

I immediately thought, uh, no way. That pic does not convince me to visit Michigan. Ice-climbing and me? No way.

But this pic might sway me:
Taken by Mr. W in Grand Haven, Michigan
Beaches and I get along swimmingly (hahahaha--couldn't help myself). Anyhoo, who wouldn't want to visit this? Love beaches. Ice? Not so much.

Now, time to make some reservations...


  1. I have been there in the summer and it is beautiful. I walked in the sand and watched the waves it was incredible up there. They said winter time is tough though.

  2. Dru, I missed this trip to MI (son #2 had a race up there), but Mr. W said it's very, very pretty.

    Nikki, summer in MI sounds just about perfect. Winter might do me in, though.