Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Lost Shine

Hmmph. Have to admit that my love of reality TV has lost a little of its shine lately.

First, there was the whole Top Model debacle. What was up with that? Never mind the whole Angelea ordeal, but to choose Lisa over Allison? I don't think so.

Then, my all-time fave show, The Amazing Race, left me feeling disappointed. I suppose Ernie and Cindy deserved to win (it hurts to say that since I wasn't a big fan of theirs--out of the final three, I really hoped Marcus and Amani would pull it out), but I thought the last challenges could have been a lot tougher. I mean, really, it's the finale! Make them work for it. I also think racers shouldn't be allowed to Google or use cell phones on the race. Seems like cheating somehow.

Then, my favorite chef on the Next Iron Chef was eliminated. Not happy.

THEN, last night on the Biggest Loser NOT HAPPY with that result. Though I have huge admiration for all the contestants (not sure I could do what they did), but was really hoping either Ramon or Antone would win.

So...overall, am kinda grumpy with my Reality TV watching.

I'm not predicting a break-up yet, but maybe a trial separation.

Okay, that's crazy talk. You know how addicted I am.

There's still Survivor (actually watching this season) and Top Chef to go... I'd really like this downward spiral to turn around. If not, I might actually have to think about that separation. Gasp.


  1. DON'T REMIND ME OF THE AMAZING RACE AND BIGGEST LOSER!!!!!!!!!! i'm SOOOOO mad!!!!! and i'm not just talking about john winning the whole thing, i'm also talking about vinny not winning the at home challenge and losing it to what's-her-face!and my snowboarders... i was so sad when they were eliminated on TAR :( i'm just hoping coach or brandon DO NOT WIN on survivor!!!!!!!!!!! praying ozzy or sophie win...

  2. I'm sorry, but I SO didn't want Cindy & Ernie to win. She just rubbed me the wrong way.

    The whole thing with ANTM was crazy. You could tell that Allyson so did not want to be there. And I can't blame her. Make her come back and re-shoot it all because Angelea couldn't keep her mouth shut! And I have an issue with someone winning when they've spent time in rehab and did some crazy ass stuff.

    I haven't watched Survivor in a while and couldn't get into Biggest Loser this season, even though there was someone from my hometown on.

  3. I wanted Marcus and Amani to win, too!!!! Love TAR. Best reality show ever.

    I'm actually watching Survivor this season - it's been a long time. I really don't have anyone I'm rooting for.

  4. Barb, I agree. I almost always love it. :)

    Azucena, I'm rooting for Ozzie, too. I think he deserves it the most. My daughter just wants to know how he keeps his hair looking so good. LOL.

    Lori, same with me and Baby Girl (about Cindy) but we kinda liked Ernie, so it evened out. Kind of. :)

    Jennifer, I loved Marcus and Amani---thought they were great role models about not giving up. And not screaming at each other when things went wrong.

  5. That's exactly my thought on the last was way too easy and like you I didn't like the pair that won. I didn't like Cindy..she gave this air that she was better than everyone.

  6. Here I was over here in Sydney, Australia thinking I was all alone in my thinking about The Amazing Google Search.. erm I mean Amaring Race.

    Googling or using a phone should be a 10-30 minute penalty at the pit stop.

    Lets not forget that Ernie and Cindy did not have valid tickets during the train trip too (which should have been a disqualification straight away).

    The girls earlier in the season had to scrounge for money to get places, so why shouldn't they (if they lost their ticket).

    Likewise when the girls dropped their passports.

    That last challenge was laughable too. The flight sim should have been the last one!