Monday, December 5, 2011

The Rainy Morning

It was a wild ride to bring Baby Girl to school this morning. First, it's pouring buckets. Buckets, I tell you. Then, it's pitch black. Never a good combo around here.

Needless to say, we saw accidents. Two major, two minor. The normal twenty minute (round trip) ride took about forty minutes. It's not pretty out there, but was so glad to make it home safe and sound. Even though traffic is a pain, I always try to remember to be grateful that I wasn't the one causing the traffic situation. One of my biggest fears is car accidents. Only because so often, they're out of our control.

Hopefully, once it lightens up a bit, the roads won't be as treacherous. If you're travelling in this mess, please be careful. And if you live somewhere warm and dry, please know I'm terribly jealous.

Have a great Monday!


PS: One bonus of the rain: It washed all the bird poop off my car. I swear, flocks are targeting me on purpose. The little buggers. Aren't they supposed to be down South by now?

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