Monday, January 16, 2012

The Anthem

Was in the car a lot this past weekend with Baby Girl. She had a three-day concert band event that was a good hour, round trip, each day. Which meant lots of radio time.

Which meant lots of singing.

She sings beautifully, a nice a clear soprano.

Me? Let's just say I sing and leave it at that. (Thankfully, she doesn't seem to mind that I'm completely tone deaf--or is at least kind enough not to mention it.)

Anyway, there we were tooling down the highway when "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor came on the radio.

Baby Girl is 16. There's no way she should know the lyrics to this song, yet she knew every last one. She sang loudly, proudly, as if she had firsthand experience with the kind of lowlife ex Gloria's singing to. (She doesn't.)

It made me wonder if some songs are just in women's DNA. Threaded through those strands to stand the test of time. Or maybe they're simply passed down through families like treasured recipes. If either is the case, "I Will Survive" might be one of them (by the way, we also love Cake's version of the song). Another might be "It's Raining Men." I wish I'd had a video camera on Baby Girl the first time she heard that song. LOLOL. Now, she loves it. So funny.

Do you have any anthems--or treasured songs passed down through the family?


  1. Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World was my mom's favorite song. I kind of consider that my anthem.

    And the Doll, the very first time she heard it, knew every word.

    I guess it's in her DNA. :)

  2. My family doesn't necessarily have any songs passed down but we do have a tradition on road trips. We have to listen to Paul Simon's Graceland cd at least once! Usually though it stays put in the cd player until someone get's tired of it.