Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dread Tread

Picture by me on my ancient cell phone. Please excuse the quality.
I'm talking to you, Mr. W.

There it is. The dreaded treadmill. Henceforth known as the Dread Tread (DT for short). As you may recall, one of my New Year's resolutions was to actually use the treadmill for exercise.

So, as it's been, cough, cough, almost a month since that (stupid) resolution, this week my goals are to a) figure out how to get the dread tread out of its upright storage position b) relocate all the killer dust bunnies and c) actually use the DT.

This week.


Pinky swear.

Will keep you posted...


  1. Hint - first turn it around so the deck can come down. After that, I'm not sure because mine has been in that position for a very long time.

    Good luck....

  2. Mine served as a clothes hanger. Came in very handy. I forgot what it actually was after awhile! =) BTW, I am reading It Takes a Witch...up to chapter 6. LOVE it! Your books never fall short!
    Patty Bosko

  3. You can do it, Heather. Show the Dread Tread who is boss.

  4. No, no! Don't panic! It really is fun! Okay, fine the first fifteen minutes always blow, but it's really not bad at all once you get going. Start slow... a brisk walking pace. And if you don't bounce around, you might be able to read. (I can't, but I've heard of amazingly skilled people who can.) I listen to music and daydream about book scenes, so it might be good working time. Or you can watch angsty teen drama shows on TV. Fun all around.

  5. Jessica, that is exactly what I do lol! Except, I don't really do more than walk, so reading is not a problem for me lmao! I only wish I had a tv in the garage... I could really use that time to catch up on Downton Abbey, I'm so behind *sigh*! Oh, where is Darcy when you need her?! My wish is pure of heart!

    You can do it, Heather! If I can do it, you can TRULY MADLY DEEPLY DESPERATELY ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY do it! =)

  6. If I can do the treadmill, then you can. Like Jessica said, start slow.

  7. You all make it SO hard to go back on a pinky swear. :)

    I'll let you know how it goes. I'm having visions (a la Nina Quinn) of falling off the back of it. LOL.

    No Downton Abbey for me (am I the only one who hasn't seen it), but I'm sure *something* will be on TV.

    You know, if I can figure out the TV. :)

    Btw, Mr. W totally groaned when he saw that picture. Might be replaced in the next day or two...

  8. It's ok, I'm barely at the beginning of Downton Abbey (I DVR'd the marathon before the beginning of the second season)... at least you have a tv!

    We are going to make sure you don't go back on that pinkie promise! =)

  9. Well, if you do decide to get on that dreaded machine, do a few minutes for me too okay!

    P.S. Glad to see you online today! Your blog always make my Monday's a little happier.

  10. I'll send little big dog to get on it with you, Heather, like he does with me. :)

  11. HA! Dread Tread-Good name!

    I used to run on these at the gym once a week with a friend next to me. That way I was always secretly competing to do just one more km than her. It was the only drive I had!

  12. watch movies. TV on DVD. something. its the ONLY way to make a treadmill more tolerable. I just got one. we can survive the treadmill together.

    I'd rather be outside.