Monday, February 13, 2012

The Crunch

I have to confess...I'm totally stressed out. It's deadline crunch time--and I'm SO far behind. Plus I have edits due. And for some crazy reason, I suddenly want to clean out the front closet.

I might need a therapist when all this is done.

Or a Top Chef marathon or something.

Either will work.

I hope.

Going back into hibernation now...


PS: Right now I'm working on edits and watching the Voice. Cee Lo's cat is cracking me up. See, reality TV can be theraputic. Laughter keeps the crazies at bay. For now. (Mwa-ha-ha)


  1. His cat is creepy!!!!!!! He is creepy!!!

  2. Wishing you lot's of luck!!! I really enjoyed watching The Voice last night as well. I think all of the judges are great. It's such a fun show to watch.

  3. Gasp. If you're in crunch time working on edits. That can only mean one thing.......a new book!

    Oh, Lord, I hope it's another Lucy book....
    *please please please*

  4. I completely agree on the creepy cat. It makes me laugh hysterically at the show. :)