Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hibernation Continues

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you already know that I'm still in hibernation, as I've been pretty much a no-show. As I write (and write and write), I keep repeating the mantra "I will not do this to myself again, I will not do this to myself again."

By "do this" I mean procrastinate on my deadline so that I'm a crazy woman two weeks before my book is due.

But, as I adopt that mantra with just about every book I write (because I do this to myself every single time), I know that I will in fact do this again. It's just the way I do things. But I do hold out hope I will someday change my ways, and that I will finish a book two full months before it's due like a nice, sane author (I'm looking at you Avery Aames and Denise Swanson).

I still have the hankering to clean out the front closet, but I have refrained. I have not refrained from drinking an alarming amount of Dr Pepper or eating my weight in Dove caramels. I should also mention I have not been on the DreadTread in over a week.

I will not do this to myself again, I will not do this to myself again...

Oh, but look what I found. Perfect, don't you think? It also might explain the caramels.



  1. Oh, Heather, I say accept how you are and never try to change your core values. And know that most anything is better with Dr Pepper and Dove caramels.

    I say most anything because I am sure nausea is not made better with Dr Pepper and Dove caramels.


  2. Off to look for a T-shirt with this phrase....

  3. found it.....

    I luh-huv

  4. Ummm Heather? Just just called Denise sane. There's something REALLY wrong there...