Monday, March 12, 2012

The Catch Up

What a weekend! A whirlwind for sure, but so much fun.

Hit the road Friday morning for Chicago for a mini-tour with Denise Swanson and Kelle Z Riley. Friday night we visited a private book club--one Denise and I have been to a couple of time before. We LOVE this group. Amazing ladies, great conversations, and so very welcoming. This year they had a local newspaper photographer come as well, and I'm thrilled that we managed a group picture. Here's the link to the online article if you're interested in taking a looksee:

On Saturday, we traveled to Denise's hometown, Coal City--the town that Denise's NYT best-selling Scumble River series is based on. Always a blast. A packed auditorium, lots of laughs, and lots of books to be signed! It was so great to see so many familiar faces--always great to catch up with readers who have become friends.

Me & Shelly
On Sunday, we went to the Bolingbrook Barnes & Noble. Standing room only as almost 90 people came to hear our talk. Again, lots of laughs and fun and catching up with old friends and new ones, too. A big, big thank you to those who came out to spend the afternoon with us--and who went out of their way to tell me how much they enjoy my books. Makes me so happy!

Was also very happy to see my friend Shelly at B&N. Last year when I was in Chicago, she gave me a quick crochet lesson, and even gave me a crochet hook (so sweet!), and I promised to keep practicing and send her something by Christmas, as it was a personal goal to learn how to crochet last year. Well, you know how that goes... It was December, and I still hadn't learned how to crochet more than a couple of chains. So, I marched off to Michaels and picked up some more yarn and more hooks and a how-to book. Over Christmas, I practiced and practiced, with a new goal to make something to surprise Shelly on this trip. Last month, when my friend Judy Clemens stayed here, she taught me how to read patterns (ugh--patterns!), and how to perfect making little hearts. Happily, I made my goal for Shelly's project. I used a very basic stitch (I'm not at the fancy level yet!), but I think it came out pretty well. I'm totally stealing her picture from FB, but here's the scarf I made. Doesn't she look great in it?

Now I'm back home and already busy working -- on books, not scarves, though I've totally been bitten by the crochet bug. Love it. Very peaceful and relaxing (except when you mess up and have to unravel, then peaceful goes out the window and curse words fly).

I hope to get some reading done this week, too. My new Lisa Lutz book is burning a hole in my TBR pile, and now I have Denise's new book, Little Shop of Homicide and Kelle's Dangerous Affairs to read too. Can't wait! What have you been reading lately?


  1. I read Denise's book and loved it. I just finished Death Of A Kitchen Diva by Lee Hollis.

    My TBR is so high but I plan to read Lisa's book before the month is over.

  2. Dru Ann, doesn't it seem like TBR piles just keep getting higher and higher--no matter how many books we read? Crazy.

  3. Dying to learn to crochet, but no-one around me does. I cross stitch though. It is super easy and extremely relaxing. You should try a mini sampler. And I just finished Lisa Kleypas' Rainshadow Road. About to start Jude Deveraux's latest.

  4. Just picked up the new Lutz book at the library!

  5. I'm reading The Hunger Games. Huge TBR pile and it gets bigger every Tuesday.

    Would love to learn to crochet. I'm a crazy beading lady at the moment.

  6. LOL wow, I got a surprise when I got here this morning! Thanks, Heather - it was great seeing you, and the scarf is AMAZING.

  7. My TBR pile will NEVER shrink. Unless I give them all away!!! I've got Denise's book on my mini mini TBR. Hoping to get to it soon. I just started Harlan Coben's new book - Stay Close.