Friday, June 15, 2012

The Heather Moment of the Week

So there I am in a parking lot, trying to get into my car.

Clicky thing on key chain is not working.

Actual key is not working.


It's not my car. Just a lookalike.



  1. OMG that happened to me many years ago. My very first car was an 87 Tauraus. I went into a store to run errands, I cam out & unlocked my car and got in. I thought something seemed odd in my car but couldn't put my finger on it. I put the key in the ignition & started it up. Then it dawned on me.......this is not my car. Someone had parked the exact same car, model and all next to my car! Embarrassed, I look to my right & there is my car. I swear my car was thinking I was an idiot! I got out of the wrong car, locked it back up and hoped no one had seen the incident. I'll never forget that.

  2. Breaunna, your keys WORKED on the other car????????? OMG.

  3. Yeah that was the freaky part is that my keys not only unlocked that car but also would start the engine!

  4. Oh my I can totally see me doing that! My husband has a silver focus and we see so many around here, one parked right beside him the other day at the store and when we came out I was standing next to the wrong one and my three year old looked at me like I was crazy!!!