Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Woo-Woo Of It All

A little backstory....

Every Christmas, the kids' grandmother gives them day-to-day calendars. Different ones for different years. Last year, my daughter received a word search calendar.

This year, she got a day-to-day dot-to-dot calendar. She's been having fun doing the dot-to-dots every day (and she's actually been keeping up with it). The pictures are simple--a rabbit, a cowboy hat, that kind of thing.

This past Monday was her birthday.

And this was the dot-to-dot:

What are the odds?

Woo-woo, right???????????


  1. An inaccurate rendering of the Tardis? ;)

  2. I love it when things like that happen! Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday!

  3. LOL, Aimee!

    Breaunna, me too.

    Definitely, Linda!

  4. Love it! That she would get the piece of birthday cake on her birthday is so totally cool. Who is that atop her cake? Is it cookie monster? The first month I look at when considering a new wall calendar is my birthday month (April). If April's picture isn't a good one, I reconsider the calendar as a whole. Of all the pictures, it just seems my birthday month should have a good one. (is that totally dorky or do other people consider that as well?)