Monday, June 11, 2012

The Photographic Evidence

Last week I posted about The Blueberry Thief.

And here's the evidence against her.

Here she is with the unripened blueberry in her mouth.

And here she is forcefully shoving the blueberry into her baby's beak.

Thief, yes. But cute.


  1. Love it! IF you are going to a Thief at least it is a cute entertaining one!!

  2. Brittney, definitely!

    Me, too, Breaunna.

    It was fun to watch, Dru Ann. After, you know, we stopped worrying about the baby choking!

  3. She's not stealing blueberries, she's gathering babyfood. There's a whole different set of laws for that.

  4. Ah, that is very cute. Pretty bird! We have nesting baby doves in our backyard. I love it. :)

  5. We love the birds. They keep us endlessly entertained. :)