Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Craziness

Life's been a little crazy lately, so I've been scarce. A good kind of crazy, though. Lots going on with family stuff and writing. Son #1 and Daughter-in-law are still in Afghanistan and both are safe and doing well. Son #2 wrapped up his sophomore year of college a week ago, moved home, then went straight to Florida with his track team for a race. Mr. W and I made the whirlwind trip there and back to see him run. He's home now and settling in before summer classes begin. Baby Girl wraps up her senior year this coming week with graduation in early June, then has college orientation a week later. Don't mind me--just have something in my eye...

I took a quick trip to Oakmont, PA, to the Festival of Mystery on May 6th. What an amazing event. If you're in that area, it's worth going! A big hello to everyone who stopped by my table to visit.

I've been writing and editing up a storm. I'm so excited for all of you to read A POTION TO DIE FOR, the first book in my Magic Potion series. It debuts in November, and I really love it (gorgeous cover coming soon!). You can read a little more about it on my Heather Blake website ( I'm hoping to have an excerpt up there soon, too. I'm finishing the 4th Wishcraft book, THE GOODBYE WITCH, now, and then I'll be writing the second Magic Potion book, then the next Lucy Valentine novel, and I have an itch to write another romance novel. Not sure I will, but it's in the back of my mind (amid all the clutter and dust bunnies).

Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to read, and am looking forward to when I can. Any good recommendations?


  1. I've recently enjoyed Wendy Robert's first cozy mystery, Grounds to Kill. It has just a touch of paranormal to it, so you might like it! (Only available as an ebook.)

    Also, have you ever read any of Sofie Kelly's Magical Cats books? Those are fun cozies, and the main character's two cats help her solve crimes.

    Happy reading!

  2. A Gluten for Punishment by Nancy J. Parra is a good read.

  3. Tiffany, I really enjoyed Wendy's ghosty crime scene cleaner mysteries so I'll have to look up her new one. Sofie is great, too!

    Dru Ann, I'm really looking forward to Nancy's book. Looks really good!

  4. Ooo, I didn't realize that Wendy Roberts had another mystery series, too! I thought the one I mentioned was her first. *scurries off to check out ghostly crime scene cleaners*

  5. Wow. A very busy lady. Congratulations to your daughter. (Keep those tissues handy.)

  6. Sounds like things have been (and are going to keep being) a real whirlwind for you! How exciting for Baby Girl and I bet you are one happy mama having Son#2 home. I am looking forward to seeing the cover, and of course reading!, A Potion to Die For. I love seeing all your upcoming books on your little sidebar. So much for us to look forward to! My little, well, younger anyhow, sister will most likely be receiving the Lucy Valentine books from me for her birthday next week. Oh, how I love Lucy.

    I agree that Sophie Kelly's Magical Cats series is a lot of fun. I also really like Laura Alden's PTA series. I've got little ones, so the whole elementary school PTA thing is right up my alley! My hubby got me Double Booked for Death by Ali Brandon as part of a Mother's Day relaxing weekend kind of deal. I'm a handful of chapters in and so far so good...but then again no one's died yet! We'll see how the mystery plays out. Glad to hear Dru liked Gluten for Punishment. That one is on my radar, but first Weeding Out Trouble is waiting in the wings. I know, I know...I'm terribly slow!

    Happy Reading if you manage to find the time. Be sure to share what you're reading with us if you find a goodie.

  7. Sounds like you have been very, very busy! I like hearing you have had time for writing though. That bit of news always makes me happy because I know I will have good books to read soon :)

    As for reading, I recently finished both of your latest released and LOVED them!! I also finished Ellery Adams Written in Stone which was very good and probably my favorite so far in her series. Other than that I have been doing tons of reading in my Anatomy & Physiology textbook, hahhaha. I'm going back to school and that is my first class.

  8. I have read the Nina Quinn books twice. Hope there are more to come.

  9. *Exciting update!* I won a copy of Gluten for Punishment on the Killer Characters blog! Wahoo!