Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Giveaway Day 2!

Okay, yesterday went so well, let's do it again!

To recap, I have multiple copies of certain books (don't ask) so if you see a number in parenthesis (2) then two copies are up for grabs. HC is hardcover, TP is trade paperback, and MMPB is mass market paperback. These are some wonderful authors and books. My hope is that you'll perhaps find a new to you author and fall in love their work and go back and buy backlist or make a preorder of their next book. A pay-it-forward of your own. Oh, and perhaps if you like the book, post a nice review on Amazon or B&N, etc., or if you have a blog. Just try and spread the word a bit.

Okay, rules and regulations: Please choose two books from the list and two alternatives. First come, first served--I'll post updates on this blog during the day as to which books are taken by crossing out titles. Send requests to heather@heatherwebber.com with "Book Giveaway" in the subject line. Be sure to include your snail mail address in the body of the email--I will contact you with which books will be coming your way. Don't use the comment section for your selections!

Finished Off by Rebecca Kent -- MMPB
Deep Down by Karen Harper -- MMPB
Killer Sudoku by Kaye Morgan -- MMPB
Can't Never Tell by Cathy Pickens -- HC
Little Lamb Lost by Margaret Fenton -- HC
Sew Deadly by Elizabeth Lynn Casey (2) -- MMPB
Corked by Cabernet by Michele Scott -- MMPB
Final Exam by Maggie Barbieri -- TP (ARC copy)
Tragic Magic by Laura Childs -- HC
An Eye for an Eye by Irene Hannon -- TP
Ghastly Glass by Joyce and Jim Lavene --MMPB
Dial Om for Murder by Diana Killian -- MMPB
A Plague of Poison by Maureen Ash --MMPB



Update: 8:25 AM

Okay, that's it for today. There are some early birds out there! Next week will probably be the last giveaway, and I'm going to change the rules a bit so people who get up later or are in a different time zone have a better chance. Keep an eye out.


  1. Looks like you had another good run and some really great books.

  2. Thanks for the books! I promise to stay out of the next giveaway to give others a chance! Good luck to everyone else out there :)

  3. And those of us having senior moments who forgot to look till 10am will Try next week lol

  4. Goodness! I need to get on the computer faster. If only this nagging 2-yr-old would understand that Mommy needs free books more than he needs his breakfast! Just kidding. Sort of.

  5. oh goodness I should of put a sticky note on my screen cause I didn't get here on time. I'll try next week. Congrats to the winners

  6. Good luck next week. I'll try to post some advance warning...