Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sleeping Like A ...

When my kids were babies, I was an amazingly light sleeper. I think I could hear a baby sniffle two blocks away. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but only the slightest. Mom Hearing I used to call it. I should have amended that to New Mom Hearing.

Because I'm still a mom yet now I sleep like the...

And this is where I'm going with this blog today. You knew I'd get there eventually. It's all about the phrases sleeping like a or slept like the... I've been sleeping really well lately. So well, I don't think I could hear a sniffle if a person with a sinus infection was sleeping right next to me.

I used to describe this as sleeping like a baby until my husband pointed out that babies don't sleep all that well. Getting up every three hours, screaming their little heads off, diaper changes at all hours. It's not quite a comparison--at least not yet (ha!).

My husband likes to say slept like the dead. I personally don't like that phrase because whenever he says it, I have the awful image of him in a casket and it leads to panic attacks and all kinds of things that upset me. Then I thought of sleeping like you're in a coma -- at least you're alive!-- but really, when you think of it, it's just as upsetting.

Then there's slept like a rock. Ditto for sleeping like a log (don't you wonder where these phrases came from?). But, um, no--they don't work for me either.

So I'm still searching for just the right phrase. Until then, I hope the good sleeping continues, and that my husband doesn't test out that sniffle theory any time soon.


  1. I think I've used "sleeping like a bear" before.

  2. You don't have to worry about your husband in a coffin for all eternity. The cremation has already been arranged.

  3. I sleep "heavy' and my one fear is that I won't hear the smoke detector.

    One time I slept so "hard" that I didn't even hear the fierce thunderstorm that fell during the night with destruction. Was surprised when I woke up the next morning to see branches littered all over the street.

    Yeah, I sleep "heavy."

    Have a good Wednesday.

  4. I sleep so light, because of the kidlets! I sleep better though when my husband is home, when he is gone I wake up at every noise. No sleeping like a baby isn't a good description if your's woke up every 3 hours!!!

    Have a blessed Wed!

  5. How about sleeping like a fairy princess? I was going to say sleeping like Sleeping Beauty, but then I remembered she was poisoned into sleep so don't want that. Just sleeping like a princess - peaceful, content, relaxed and no worries.

  6. Katie, I like the hibernating bear image. I feel like I could use a hibernation. :)

    Dru, my kids sleep like that--and they have slept through the fire alarm. Very scary.

    Tonya, I remember those days of waking at every sound. I kinda wish I had a *little* of that back.

    LOL on Sleeping Beauty, MC! Now I have a hankering to watch a Disney movie.