Friday, June 18, 2010

Pictures of the Day

Leap Frog?

click photo to enlarge
credit: Mr. Webber

Or as my husband calls it, Charge and Evade? We're not sure what the rabbits are
doing--and whether  it's friendly. It is, however, absolutely hysterical to watch.


  1. shelley shepard grayJune 18, 2010 at 10:22 AM

    oh my gosh. Is this in your backyard? They are so cute!

  2. Silly Heather...that's not leap frog. They're doing the Bunny Hop. It's a very well known dance that started in the 50's. And, really, what else would dancing bunnies be doing?

  3. That is so cute. I like that the pictures flow from one another.

  4. So cute. They would be great to watch on video.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. Too cute! I bet their antics were hillarious to watch.

  6. your spam spamming me???????

    I love watching the bunnies. We are always finding little bunny holes with several babies. Or my dog finds them. He doesn't hurt them, he thinks he's their father!

  7. Tonya, not sure what's going on with your comments! Awww on your dog.

    My daughter does have some grainy video of the rabbits, taken with her cell phone, but we've yet to learn how to get the videos off the cell phone. LOL.

    And LOL, Linda on the bunny hop!

  8. we've seen the rabbits do this in our yard as well. its so cute and the kids get a big kick out of them playing (or whatever they're doing!) LOL